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Salon 2010

Friday, December 17th, 2010
Us and Them

Us and Them, 2010, 90 x 85 cm

Every year members of Arti et Amicitiae can show one of their pieces at the Salon. The result traditionally looks very similar to a flea market where you hope to discover a couple of treasures. On the picture is my contribution to the show. It runs from December 18 to January 23, for more

Kunstlijn Haarlem

Friday, November 5th, 2010

The weekend of November 6 & 7 there is a small installation of my paintings at the Kunstlijn in Haarlem. It is on view at Galerie ArtSite in building De Greiner. Installation at the Kunstlijn

The Soup Kitchen

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

RETORT ART SPACE – ‘The Soup Kitchen’

March 13 – 27, 2010

Antoine Adamowicz | Elena Beelaerts | Maurice Braspenning | Lisa Couwenbergh | Serge Game | Michiel Hogenboom | Adrie Huisman | Jantien Jongsma | Stefan Kasper | Peter Vos

This March I organised a group show entitled ‘The Soup Kitchen’. The title refers to the crisis years, when the hungry were fed in Soup Kitchens. Since it is said we are in a crisis again, I thought it would be good to open a Soup Kitchen. This time to feed those hungry for meaning and contemplation. And yes, soup was also being served. On the opening and closing day we even had special soup/juice performances by Adrie Huisman.

A review of the show can be found here.